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Watch Video of Man who Confessed To Killing His Best Friend For Money Ritual Before Being Caught

Solomon Adetayo

Sept. 24, 2020

Four suspects have been caught by the Police Command in LagosState regarding the homicide of their companion who was murderedwith the end goal of cash customs.
While making admission, one of the secured suspects known asDaniel, uncovered that they are from Chibok Local Government inMaiduguri Borno State, and it was them four that were engaged withslaughtering their companion, Isaiah James deliberately for cashcustom.
However, there plan at the outset was to search for charms indoing 419, yet the botanist they reached for this intenselywouldn't do such charms since they couldn't peruse and compose. Thebotanist at that point furnished them with an option of getting ahuman heart which would be utilized to devise the required charmsthat would make them very rich young men.
He likewise charged them a hundred thousand naira, they at firstpaid the aggregate of 60,000 naira to settle up later in resultingtime.
Then, after the herbalist had given them his statement, he gotback to certain days after the fact revealing to them that kid hesent on a task of searching for a human heart before being shot bya gathering of vigilantes and as such he was unable to finish hismain goal as sent. While the report about the failure of his taskkid to get a human heart was passed on to them by the cultivator,they became crushed, and confounded until pioneer of the pack knownas Audu vowed to draw his cousin, who was an old buddy of Daniel tobe slaughtered, and his heart gathered with the end goal of thecustom. They beguiled their companion through the telephone to comeover for a beverage at a specific liquor joint in Ajah. While atthe joint, made him drink to trance, and bamboozled him to tailthem home since it's dull as of now. On their way returning home,they imagined as though they needed to pee, just to powerfully pullthe person down, pummel on his head an article while Audu more thanonce wounded him. Ayuba cut him opened, yet couldn't discover theheart until he took the blade from him, found the heart andgathered it out. The heart was brought before the cultivator, andhe utilized it to get ready beans, which they ate. They're not ableto finish up the eating of the ceremonial dinners when the Policeattacked and got them captured. In any case, obscure to them thatthe night they did that terrible follow up on Isaiah, a woman sawthem with Isaiah, and revealed to Isaiah's family while looking forhim. Report was made to the closest Police Station before they weresecured. This is clearly the situation of man savagery to man, anda coldblooded slaughtering for the mission of getting rich. Mightyou be able to do something like this in light of cash to yourcompanion or relative?
Watch the video below:
what do you think?
what punishment should the friends be given?
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