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SHOCKING!!! Hotel Maid Shot As Colleague Mistakes Real Gun For Toy


Aug. 13, 2020

A hotel maid accidentally shot their colleague within the abdomen after mistaking a .22 caliber handgun, left behind by a guest, for a toy. The victim required emergency surgery.
The bizarre incident happened on Monday at Hotel Corallo in Riccione, Italy, when the maid discovered the firearm. consistent with Rimini Today a colleague was called to research and, believing the gun wasn't real, took aim and fired.
The 40 year old is claimed to be during a stable condition after undergoing surgery at an area hospital.
Police tracked down the gun owner to a different room within the hotel, where a bullet like the gun was also found. 
The 42 year old from Rome had switched rooms with his wife and children in the hotel the previous night and had forgotten to take his gun with him.
The suspect was arrested by police and charged with possession of cocaine and hash.
Two other couples also are wanted by police after being spotted on CCTV attempting to enter the space and retrieve the gun, before the maid stumbled across it.
MIRACLE!!!! Woman Describes Waking Up Lost And Naked Before Spending 28 Days Surviving In The Wilderness
Considered a miracle, 25-year-old Lisa Theris's survival within the wilderness proves the phrase, 'survival of the fittest', correct.
Lisa was lost during a forest in Alabama, US, for a few month (28 days) and lost 22 kg during her ordeal. consistent with a report by scooper, she survived by eating berries and mushrooms within the wild.
The authorities are calling her survival a "miracle".
"She said she was beverage out of a brook and eating berries and mushrooms." Sheriff Raymond Rodgers said.
Lisa's family tried finding her but were unable to seek out within the Alabama forest which was spread across thousands of acres.
She was spotted by a motorist on Highway 82 and was taken to an ER. She was reunited together with her family after the treatment.
"A motorist from Florida was driving 82 east of Midway and saw something moving in the bushes. She went back and there was the girl within the forest ," Rogers said. "She called us and told us she had located the missing person."
Lisa's family reported her missing on July 23.
Lisa contacted her family last on July 19. She was last seen with two men Manley Davis and Randall Oswald, who robbed $40,000 worth of kit from a hunting camp on July 17-18.
According to a report, Lisa didn't want to be a part of the robbery and left. The 2 men have since been arrested and charged.
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