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Use The Same Energy You Are Using To Prevent COVID-19 To Prevent Unwanted Pregnancies- Efia Odo

Denison adzotor

July. 29, 2020

Actress and social media influencer Efia Odo has asked Ghanaian women to input the same energy and skill they are putting into the prevention of the novel coronavirus also into the prevention of unwanted pregnancies.
The actress who has identified how a lot of people are putting in all they can to prevent themselves from contracting the virus took to social media to say that the same energy can be used to stop unwanted pregnancies and STDs.
A lot of people has already started siding with her because the issue of unwanted pregnancy in Ghana is something which has become worrisome.
It was reported that close to 9000 pregnancies were produced during the 2 weeks of lockdown at the time when the novel coronavirus first hit the country.
“The same energy y’all put in from protecting yourselves from coronavirus should be put in protecting yourselves from unwanted pregnancies and stds.’’ She wrote on Twitter.
Ghanaian social media users mostly disagree with Efia Odo on several occasions but her tweet this time around seems to have been welcomed by everybody.
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