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7 Things Married Men Miss About Being Single

Phil Opt

July. 13, 2020

It is an awesome feeling when you suddenly get married and move in with your life partner. But just as husbands would go all out during their marriage, they often feel they gave up on certain things after tying the knot.
He would hardly mention it because he knows how you would react. Here are 7 things your husband secretly misses though married;
1.   Not explaining everything they buy
Once married, a spouse is expected to explain some of the things he buys unlike when you’re single. Men mostly miss this experience because most often, buying something for themselves isn’t the agreement.
2.   Not attending family events
Once married, the possibility of attending family programs or events is high. While he was a bachelor, only a number of family events were attended, but now, it is becoming worse.
3.   Looking unfashionable in public
He didn’t have to worry about what he wore into the public, but getting married has caused him to worry. However, those who worry most are the women because they fear to be judged by what their partner was wearing.
4.   Tossing things about
Guys actually miss tossing things wherever they want without getting an evil look from their partners. Wives are likely going to fire their partners who decide to just toss their clothes anywhere they like.
5.   Having the entire bed for himself
It’s not always about loving you, sometimes, guys want to spread out without having to worry who their feet are going to hit. However, they have no option but to share the bed with you.
6.   Not worrying about sharing his feelings
We are all aware of the fact that women love to talk about how their day went, unlike men. The truth of, guys hate the idea of sharing in the stress of their partner or even worrying about sharing theirs.
7.   Free checking out other ladies
Saving the best for the last, married men miss the opportunity of checking other ladies freely without being caught or judged. Though he misses the act, it does not mean he wants to cheat.
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