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SURVIVING FUNKE!!! Staff Reveal More Shocking Revelation About Actress Funke Akindele


Jun. 30, 2020

On a fresh episode of 'surviving funke akindele', more shocking revelations have emerged as more people react to Cassandra's post on how actress, Funke Akindele treats her staff. Cassandra had posted a video of how she finally had the courage to speak up about how Funke abused her and other staff physically, emotionally, and financially while she was working with her. Cassandra claims she posted a first video that was reported and taken down by Instagram. 
Taking the matter to Twitter, more staff came to testify to what Cassandra had said; @firbrand said "If everyone who has ever worked with Funke Akindele decides to speak up; the Internet will not contain it.” Another user, whose identity was not disclosed wrote; 
"Everything that lady said about Funke Akindele is true. Those of us that worked with her are gathering more evidence to put her to shame 
That woman needs to be taught a lesson 
I almost committed suicide when I was working with her 
That woman is the opposite of what she preaches on jenifas dairy 
She treats her husband like her house help 
I just pity Cassandra (the girl that posted about her on Instagram) because Funke is rich and she can do anything to shut her up"
Another user, @b_oyaz added; “If I open my friend’s chapter with Funke Akindele ehn…. Just painful that most of them refused taking a legal action against her. Act of throwing her shoe at staff. Should we discuss about breach of contract? Stating salary on paper, paying something else in reality”
"Or the act of Funke Akindele keeping her staff at Amen Estate for days. You dare not call her Funke She's addressed as Hanty Funke. Thanks to her sister, called Mama (the HR/Admin), who tries to calm the tensed & toxic work environment. But still, there's little she can do"
See more screenshots here
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