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6 Embarrassing Questions About S3x Most People Are Too Shy To Ask

Aba Brew

Jun. 29, 2020

 Well, there are certain questions about s3x that sounds embarrassing but all the same you want to know.
To clear your curiosity here are some of the most common embarrassing questions about s3x that you’re too shy to ask.
#1 Never had an orgasm? It’s not abnormal. In fact, many people are unable to have an orgasm. For women, it could be because they need clitoral stimulation, or they have a psychological wall. This will take some work and research, but it’s achievable. Men usually always orgasm when they ejaculate… they’re the lucky ones.
#2 Is having multiple orgasms normal? Yes! And it’s encouraged. If you can pull off having multiple orgasms, then why not have them? It’s completely normal and it doesn’t mean anything other than you’re able to do it. So, orgasm on… live the dream that so many of us wish to have!
#3 Is squirting okay? Another one of the most common embarrassing questions is about squirting. Is it okay? Of course! Is it messy? Yes, it is. So, get a towel. But other than that, it’s perfectly normal. However, a few studies claim found that the chemical composition is urine.
#4 Can a hard thrust damage the v*gina?  It is possible for the pen*s to rub against the v*gina, causing tears to the v*ginal tissue. If you’re a woman who’s had s3x while semi-dry, then you know exactly what I’m talking about.
#5 Peeing after s*x? It’s completely normal. In fact, it’s better if you do pee after s3x.  For women, peeing after s3x actually helps cleanse the v*gina from any bacteria and unwanted sperm. So, take a couple extra minutes after s3x and try to pee.
#6 Can the condom come off inside the v*gina? Okay, so this may scare you a bit, but really, it’s pretty rare, so don’t worry about it until it happens to you. A condom stuck inside of you does increase your chance for STIs or pregnancy, but, Its best to just go to your doctor after it happens.
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