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Man breaks down after meeting his granddaughter for the first time: "I'm not crying, you are"


May. 21, 2020

- The old man could not hold back the tears after seeing his little grandchild
- Mumbling incoherent words to her, the grandfather seemed to enjoy the moment bonding with the little angle
- When his son Williams tried taking the young baby from his hands, he dismissed him
Grandparents really deserve to live forever to witness the birth and growth of their next generation.
A heartwarming video of a grandfather meeting his granddaughter for the first time has since gone viral with many netizens admiring the moment.
In a video shared by the old man's son on his Instagram account, he really got emotional holding his granddaughter to the point he even shed tears.
"When my dad met my daughter for the first time," wrote the man identified as Kadeem Williams.
The old man could be heard talking to the young girl as he gave her a very adorable look and when his son noted he was crying, he said: I'm not crying".
When his son tried to take the little girl from him he chased him away to have a moment with his granddaughter.
Williams' followers took to the comment admiring the beautiful moment between the man and his generation.
denaynayyy commented: "I love black grandfathers more than anything in the entire world. I miss mine so muchGod bless you and your family."
1veronica said: "This bought tears to my eyes. Precious moments."
onz_marie added: "Thank you for sharing such a sweet moment between a granddaughter and her grandfather. What a blessing."
adifferentwhirlgirl noted: "God bless him! This made so many peoples' hearts so happy. God bless the baby! God bless you and your wife. I pray for many, many years for Grandad and “his baby” on this earth So sweet."
lambowifey_1011 said: "I am crying. This is so beautiful! So precious and you both are so lucky to have him in your life."
forworldchangers commented: "Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful moment with us. May he be able to wrap his arms around her and feel this abundance of joy and comfort for as long as his heart desires. Blessings to you all."
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