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There is an emergency in China with the virus crown


Feb. 14, 2020

This Thursday, February 13, in his office, Vice President Lucia Topolansky, took stock of her management as President of the Senate and the Administrative Commission.
He emphasized that the Senate has only financed the travel of senators who integrate organizations with which the Uruguayan Parliament maintains links, such as the Parlatino, the Parlasur and others.
“I don’t want people to think that the Senate is a travel agency,” he said, while denying claims about excessive spending and non-return of per diem.
In another order he detailed some of the most important works in progress, such as the remodeling of the Legislative Palace building in agreement with technical teams from China, Spain and China.
The staffing of employees was reduced, which together with other measures of the Administrative Commission meant a saving of one hundred million dollars.
An agreement was established with municipality B for works in the surroundings of the Palace, the live transmission of the sessions was implemented, the electronic file, a plan to eliminate the use of plastic bottles and waste management and recycling will be implemented and it was carried out in agreement with the INJU the hiring of interns for young people who would make their first work experience, including young people with disabilities.
Said balance sheet was delivered to the press and can be consulted on the Senate website.
When asked about her role as a senator she will assume on February 15 and her opinion on the Urgent Law consideration, she said that “first we will have to see what is coming because for now we only know a draft and the future members of the government are still discussing their content”.
He said that they may have the votes for approval but that it is a mistake to talk about coalition. “The only coalition with parliamentary representation as such is the Broad Front and then in the Senate there are three other parties.”
“The first thing here is to discuss whether the law and its articles are urgent, because the urgent declaration must first be voted on,” he said.
“We must pay attention to sectors of civil society that pose as teachers, which much of the content is not urgent,” he set as an example.
“There is an emergency in China with the virus crown,” he said.
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