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World's second richest man Bill Gates did not buy KSh 64.8 billion hydrogen-powered super yacht - manufacturer


Feb. 11, 2020

- Bill Gates did not order the world's first hydrogen-powered super yacht that is valued at KSh 64.8 billion, its manufacturer has said
- Reports had said with the new purchase, the 112-meter long vessel shows the world's second richest man as a champion of alternative-fuel
- The ship, it was reported, would cover 3,750 miles before it stops to refuel as it also has a diesel backup in case there is a hydrogen scarcity
Bill Gates did not buy the world’s first hydrogen-powered superyacht that is worth around KSh 64.8 billion and which has a large pool, helipad, spa, and gym, the Sinot Yacht Architecture and Design has explained.
The Guardian had reported that the Microsoft co-founder commissioned the ship, a-112-meter long vessel that is powered by hydrogen.
It should be noted that the ship was designed by a Dutch, Sander Sinot, and showcased at the Monaco yacht show in 2019.
In describing the show last year, Sander said the inspiration behind the ship’s design was taken from the fluidity of water and the lifestyle of a forward-looking owner.
Another thing worthy of note is that the ship will not be hitting the seas before 2024.
Added to that, the ship will be running 20mph. The aqua-machine also has a diesel back up because there is presently a scarcity of hydrogen refuelling stations.
In its explanation, however, the architecture and design company said the hydrogen-powered yacht is not linked with Gates in any form.
It added that the company does not have any business relationship with the billionaire.
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