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BBNaija: Why I can never leave my girlfriend -Seyi


Nov. 28, 2019

Former Big Brother Naija housemate, Seyi Awolowo appears to be one of the very few Nigerian celebrities exploring committed relationships.
Arguably, male musicians, actors and other entertainers are known for having multiple partners. But Seyi wouldn’t for any reason think of having another woman in place of his girlfriend, Adeshola.
In a recently-held interview with Beat FM, the reality TV show celebrity, amongst other things said his girlfriend has often times said he’s always inconveniencing himself to make people comfortable.
“It is true that I do a lot to make people feel convenient even at my own detriment, because that’s how I get energised. I feed on the energy of people around me,” he added.
When asked why he often talks about his girlfriend, Seyi said that’s the only person in his life, and if he doesn’t talk to celebrate her, who does he want to talk about.
Explaining that he’s ever proud of Adeshola, he stressed, “If I'm not proud of my girlfriend, who do I want to be proud of?” he queried.”I must to celebrate my girlfriend, especially the one that has been there before the fame. Is it now that I’m famous I will say I don’t recognise the babe that has been there for me when I was drinking garri and jumping bikes.”
He however maintained that he’s a one woman kind of person.
“As I am, one woman one peace. I would like to sleep well at night.. I can’t be hiding my phones, that’s not a life,” Seyi added.
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