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Letters: Blind loyalty to Trump is disturbing

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Nov. 08, 2019

I am not a Democrat, I am not a Republican, nor am I a Trumplican. I am a proud independent who values his free-thinking ability to evaluate candidates of either party by their ability, their integrity, their honesty, their sincerity, their uncompromising commitment to the welfare of our nation and its citizens, and above all, their commitment to place country before party.
What I see happening now, however, is many Republicans becoming Trumplicans, and I find this is so disturbing. I truly value a legitimate two-party system that has served our nation so well for so many years. But, what is happening now, I just do not understand. We have somehow elected an individual to the office of the Presidency who, I believe, has brought his previous apparently shady business practices to the Oval Office.
And, quite frankly, what is most disturbing to me is how this president has been able to maintain a sustained base of followers who appear to support his questionable, if not illegal, activities and his actions to continually divide our national citizenry, both racially and economically. This, to me, is the scariest situation of all. And yes, I realize my comments will upset many of my fellow Louisiana neighbors and citizens, but there comes a time when one must appeal to those neighbors and citizens to seriously re-evaluate their present-day Republican support and realize that now the wonderful Grand Old Party has abandoned them.
I believe that if I were a Democrat, and a Democrat president behaved in the manner our current president is behaving, there is no way I could continue to support him. Fortunately for me, I am an independent voter and do not have to contend with that issue.
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