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Chelsea fans rage as Willian challenges Barkley’s decision to take penalty v Valencia


Sept. 18, 2019

ROSS BARKLEY missed the crucial penalty to snatch a point against Valencia but it was Willian who received the brunt of criticism from Chelsea fans.
Frank Lampard crashed to defeat on his Champions League debut as a manager as the Spanish side snatched all three points in a 1-0 win.
Chelsea were handed the perfect opportunity to share the spoils when they were awarded a penalty in the 87th minute of the contest.
But it descended into a farce as Barkley, who had only been on the pitch for seven minutes, was forced to fight off team-mates Willian and Jorginho to take the all-important kick.
Jorginho accepted the decision and encouraged the England international to fire Chelsea level.
The same can't be said about Willian who instead seemed to ramp up the pressure by appearing to insist that he take the penalty.
When he doesn't get his own way, Willian stares at Barkley before pulling up his socks and walking away.
Barkley ended up smashing the top of the crossbar to leave supporters fuming with Willian's actions.
One wrote: "What on Earth is Willian playing at here? Petulant child.
"Should’ve followed Jorginho’s example and actually try to encourage Barkley rather than be a d******* and ramp the pressure up on him."
Another said: "As much as Barkley's miss disappointed me. The worst thing about the penalty was Willian's behaviour. He is a senior player in the squad who should be acting like a leader.
"Both Jorginho and Abraham clearly wanted the penalty yet showed their support for Barkley. Not Willian."
A third added: "It’s Willian’s fault he missed the bloody thing. Put him under pressure. Not a lot of pressure, but given it’s a penalty to equalize the match, it’s enough pressure to bottle it."
Lampard confirmed after the contest that Barkley was the designated taker following his introduction from the bench.
Name me a more selfish player in world football than Willian.I'll wait — CFC Abz (@Primeballack13) September 17, 2019
Barkley isn’t even at fault btw, everyone misses pens, Willian should have dropped it (considering he isn’t even the pen taker himself) & Jorginho was the bigger man & accepted it https://t.co/NsTuPnoCuy — Dan (@DGP17_) September 18, 2019
He said: "Ross is a penalty taker and is when he starts games. He took it and missed it.
"It is a great story to say there is contention between players. If he scores it is not a story. But he took it and missed. That is it.
"The disappointment to all of us is that we didn't get chance to win the game. There is no issue in the dressing room."
That Penalty remains Williams fault,he knows clearly that Barkley was meant to take it,if he didn’t tension Barkley about it Barkley won’t play it under pressure,through out yesterday Willian was just selfish with d ball.I have no reason to blame Barkley for losing it. — JAYEHOLLA TESSY!!! (@Coolestkidofla1) September 18, 2019
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