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4 Vital Information Ladies Ask Before Committing To Relationship

Phil Opt

Sept. 18, 2019

-    Not every lady would want to date a guy who has a strong relationship with their mothers
-    Ladies want to have these questions answered before committing themselves
-    Although premarital check-up is done six months before marriage, ladies want them Now!
A premarital checkup is an examination conducted for the soon-to-be-married couple in order to identify if there is any injury with a genetic blood disease, such as sickle-cell anaemia- or infectious diseases, such as hepatitis B, C and HIV/Aids.
While premarital checkup can be done six month time before marriage, however, some ladies would want to have those records before going in too deep.
Ladies are beginning to worry more nowadays because of the issues concerning sickle-cell and many others. Before she commits herself and go to the point of giving you a feel of sex, there are four things she’s likely to ask or want from the guy;
1.  Relationship with family, especially a mother
Ladies personally are aware of how troublesome they can be, as a result, they care to know the kind of relationship going on with their BF and their mother. They even want to know the relationship shared with other relatives just to be sure she would be accepted.
It is believed that guys who are close to their mothers can easily be manipulated by their mothers in decision making.
2.  Blood group
One might think it’s not necessary, however, some ladies would want to know for future sake. They are quick to assume marriage, hence, they fear the guy might not be able to support them when the need arises.
3.  Sickle-cell
It is a sad sight and many ladies wouldn’t want to go through the pain and burden of watching their children suffer. As a result, they would want to get the test done before things get too late and difficult.
4.  Career plans
After university what are your plans?
She wants to know because if the two of you are going to start a family, there is a need to know if there will be money coming and going for the family.
It is surprising how ladies of today would quickly demand this answer before committing. However, it is understandable if they react in such a manner since they don’t want to feel being used or played by a guy.
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