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Mystery shipwreck ‘sunk by Nazi U-boat during World War II’ spotted off Scottish coast


Sept. 17, 2019

A MYSTERIOUS shipwreck has been spotted off the coast of Scotland and scientists think it could be a missing cargo vessel that was sunk by the Nazis.
M/S Lagaholm disappeared under the waves in 1940 and its exact location has never been discovered until, potentially, now.
The Swedish cargo ship was delivering 4,700 tons of general cargo from the US to the Swedish ports of Gothenburg and Malmo when it was attacked by a Nazi Submarine.
The Nazi U-32 boat stopped the cargo ship on March 2, 1940 and infiltrated the ship to interrogate the crew.
They then pointed in the direction of the life boats and the sailors had just enough time to escape before they opened fire and the boat was obliterated.
All of the crew managed to survive the attack but the captain died of a heart attack shortly after.
The wreck was spotted in the North Sea near the Orkney islands by Joint Nature Conservation Commission (JNCC) and Marine Scotland Science researchers.
The research was originally being carried out to monitor biodiversity .
However, the scientists soon discovered something very unusual with their sonar technology.
JNCC told Fox News : "In collaboration with Historic Environment Scotland, scientists on board were able to identify the wreckage of a ship, thought to be the M/S Lagaholm, which was sunk by a Nazi U-boat in 1940."
The sinking of M/S Lagaholm during the war was so shocking because the boat was showing all the signs of neutrality including being well lit.
The Nazi's U-32 went on to sink the ocean liner RMS Empress of Britain, the largest ship ever sunk by a U-boat.
What was the M/S Lagaholm? Here's what you need to know about the vessel... The M/S Lagaholm was a Swedish cargo ship that was sunk in WWII It was owned by the Swedish America–Mexico Line and built in 1929 The ship weighed 2,181 tons It was sunk by gunfire on March 2, 1940 despite showing obvious signs that it was just a cargo ship and not a military threat The Nazi submarine U-32 was responsible for the destroying the ship All of the crew managed to escape but the captain later died of a heart attack
Mysterious Dead Spot in the Black Sea keeps dozens of shipwrecks eerily preserved for centuries
In other news, Captain Cook's long lost ship may have finally been uncovered , sunken off the coast of America.
Google Maps is hiding a "phantom island" first charted by Captain Cook in the 18th century .
And, the wreck of the last slave ship that ferried hundreds of captives from Africa to the US illegally was found off the Alabama coast.
What do you make of this discovery? Let us know in the comments...
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