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Ja Rule is planning to re-release all his records as ‘visual albums’


Sept. 17, 2019

Reports that visuals will include the sad-looking salad box from Fyre Fest remain unconfirmed
Ja Rule has announced his plans to record new music videos for “every song” he’s ever made – across a career spanning seven solo albums.
The rapper announced the details of the ambitious project via Twitter.
“I will be release ALL of my albums as visual albums,” he wrote on Twitter. “I will be making a video for every song I’ve ever made… What songs do y’all wanna see videos for?”
The project would entail recording “over 40” new music videos, not including tracks which already have music videos from their initial release, and the artist spent some time engaging fans about which ones they would be excited about, writing credits, and his new album ’12. Twelve. XII’ .
The 43-year-old artist, who had a slew of hits in the 00s including ‘Livin’ It Up’ and ‘Always On Time’, has become better known in recent years for his part in organising the disastrous Fyre Festival . The rap mogul was heavily involved in the ill-fated 2017 event, which saw wealthy festival-goers becoming marooned in the Bahamas after a lack of basic provisions saw it descend into a living nightmare. It seems Twitter hasn’t forgotten about the event either.
As recently as June, the rapper still claimed that Fyre Fest was “an amazing idea” and that “the idea of it was dope, the marketing was dope, everything was done very right on that end,” despite admitting its execution was “extremely bad” – and is already planning a new festival .
The seemingly unrepentant approach comes after he previously hit out at the Fyre Festival documentaries and accused the film’s viewers of unfairly shifting the blame onto him. “I love how ppl watch a doc and think they have all the answers,” he tweeted.
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