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Chelsea players clubbed together to buy flat for their mistresses but Abbey Clancy was in charge after Peter Crouch cheating claims


Sept. 14, 2019

WELCOME to week two of The Secret Wag — the woman with the hottest gossip on the Premier League’s biggest stars.
Her revelations have been the talk of football dressing rooms — and the Wags — since we unleashed her first column last Sunday. Today the Secret Wag brings further unmissable gossip. Her identity is strictly confidential.
'EVERYBODY knows that back in the day there were some players that didn’t play fair, should we say.
John Terry's cheating was probably the worst.
He was caught having an affair with French model Vanessa ­Perroncel - the ex long-term girlfriend of his England team-mate Wayne Bridge .
Ouch! There has always been a culture in football of cheating. I don’t know why, but let’s face it there is. And it stinks.
I’ve heard some pretty horrendous stories about the Chelsea players - both current and in the past.
There were a couple of Chelsea players who actually clubbed together for a flat near the training ground so they could keep their mistresses there.
They bought it in somebody else’s names so nobody - especially their wives - would find out about it. If they finished training early they would go round and see the girls for a quick bunk up.
Some of these women would even “service” a couple of the other players too. Vile. No glam nights out but sex on tap for the married players and a free home for the girls.
The cheating is still rife. It’s sad when children get involved.
But when there is an attractive woman in the equation many footballers will be led by one thing and one thing only, without really looking at the bigger picture.
There is one player at a club in the Midlands who has secretly fathered other CHILDREN with women and his wife hasn’t got a clue.
Some Wags get over the cheating, some don’t. Many make them pay.
Toni Terry forgave John for his cheating – it helped that he bought her a dressage horse to smooth things over.
Abbey Clancy forgave Peter Crouch too after claims he slept with a prostitute in Madrid. But she firmly wears the trousers in their relationship now.
She loves going on holiday and having a lovely time, a drink, partying . . . while he looks after the kids!
And Annie Kilner is making Kyle Walker pay too. Sometimes she pretends she’s still not with him and has “single mum” as her status on social media. She is winding him up - and he deserves it.
Sadly it doesn’t end well for others. We all thought Stacey Flounders was a bit thick for staying with Adam Johnson , now we just feel sorry for her.'
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