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WOMAN CRUSH WEDNESDAY! Mo Abudu, 55 And Still Stunning


Sept. 11, 2019

A self-made go-getter, our Woman Crush this Wednesday is Ebonylife CEO, Mo Abudu.
Mo Abudu, is also celebrating her 55th birthday today, September 11.
Mo Abudu is an all round Media Mogul. She is currently the founder of EbonyLife TV. 
Also an accomplished business woman, Mo has had her hand in a lot of pies. From functioning successfully as a Human Resources Executive, Hotel Investor, Talk Show host and Filmmaker, she keeps blazing the trail.
On the Celebration of her 55th Birthday, Mo Abudu had nothing more to say than to express her deepest gratitude to God whom has been so awesome in her life.
From challenging movie productions to winning several awards, the Media Mogul is thankful for the year so far and she has shared a series of pictures she calls  "Challenge= Opportunity= Strength= Mo@55".
She shared:
''I am truly filled with gratitude, I am grateful and thankful to my GOD ALMIGHTY as I turn 55 years old today 🙏🏽🙏🏽 As I look back over the last year, I know that it’s from my challenges that I have truly drawn strength. When a challenge comes my way, I take a deep breath, smile and I know God has my back. I have seen first hand, opportunities emerge from the challenges that I have been faced with. There is always a way, I have just had to WORK HARD and TRUST GOD knowing that TOGETHER we will figure it out. I am so grateful DEAR LORD that we have and we will continue TOGETHER to figure it out. Challenge = Opportunity = Strength = Mo@55''
See more stunning photos of Mo Abudu as she turns 55 today:
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