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20 Photos of Paul Walker's Daughter Growing Up

Carolyne lenaiyas

Sept. 11, 2019

Paul Walker was a father to just one child, a daughter named Meadow Walker. His life changed dramatically (and for the better) when she made the decision to live with him, just one year before his untimely death — moving from Hawaii, where she grew up with her mother, to live with Paul in California. He was so excited that he even wanted to pull out of movie deals to focus on his daughter, and like Paul, the rest of the world also started to become fascinated with Meadow. She is all grown up now and is a reserved young lady who prefers to live her life away from the limelight, but below are 20 photos of Meadow, showing how she has transformed from a cute kid, into a beautiful woman.
20 Paul Walker Described His Daughter As The ‘Best Thing’ He Had In His Life
Paul Walker was a father to one child, his daughter, Meadow Rain Walker, and fatherhood was incredibly important to him. In an interview with Salon , he spoke about how he was “torn” because he loved working, but also wanted to spend time with his daughter, saying, “She’s the best thing I have right now.”
19 It Is Not Easy For A Celebrity Child, Like Meadow, To Share Her Dad With The World
Paul Walker was loved by many people, and when he passed away suddenly in 2013, many fans were left deeply saddened. However, there was no one more affected by his passing than his family, and being the daughter of a celebrity has been hard for Meadow.
Cody Walker (Paul’s brother) shared his thoughts on his niece in an interview with E! News , saying, “Being the daughter that grew up in a non-traditional type of household with a dad she had to share the world with is really difficult.”
18 She Started A Foundation In Honor Of Her Father
Meadow Walker wanted to keep her father’s memory alive, and she chose to do this by creating a foundation in his honor. The organization is called The Paul Walker Foundation, and according to the website, their aim is to “continue to do the work that Paul started" and they are "dedicated to his legacy.”
17 The Ocean And Its Creatures Hold A Special Place In Her Heart
One of the focuses of The Paul Walker Foundation is to help protect the oceans, and Meadow Walker spoke about this in a post dedicated to her dad and his love of the sea. “I wanted to start this foundation because I want to share that piece of him with the world,” she wrote on social media.
16 Over The Years, She Has Transformed From A Cute Kid, Into A Young Lady
Meadow Walker was 15 when her father passed, and there was an intense interest surrounding the only child that Paul Walker left behind. Although she has chosen to live her life away from the public eye, she does occasionally use social media, and in the six years that have passed, she has transformed into a lovely young lady.
15 She Feels It’s Important To Give Back To The Community And Do Good In The World
Paul Walker had a big heart and wanted to do good in the world, and his daughter, Meadow Walker, wants to continue his legacy. She shared a photo of herself donating food to a homeless shelter, and encouraged others to also get involved, as she wrote: “I love seeing all of your random acts of kindness and can't wait to see more.”
14 Fatherhood Impacted Paul Walker’s Life In Many Ways, Including His Acting
Paul Walker’s life was changed when he became a father, and this is something director Eric Heisserer spoke about in an interview with Salon. He told the publication it was one of the reasons he cast Walker in the 2013 film, Hours .
“Paul is a father. He expressed a lot of doubts and fears about fatherhood. So he could give me a transparent performance,” Heisserer said.
13 He Always Valued His Daughter’s Opinion And Took It To Heart
Paul Walker loved his chosen profession, but he also valued what Meadow thought about the projects he took on. "She's gotta be on board," he told Entertainment Tonight . "I'm only going to have her in the house for another couple [of] years... I gotta put in the time while I can."
12 Paul Walker Also Always Put His Daughter First — He Had No Time To Focus On His Love Life
Meadow Walker and her father had a close bond. Entertainment Tonight notes that Paul Walker had her name inked on his wrist, and he felt it was important to dedicate as much of his time as possible, to be with her. This also meant that his romantic relationships suffered, and he admitted in his interview, "Right now there's only time for her.”
11 He Loved Acting, But His Family Was The Driving Force Behind His Work
Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson worked closely with Paul Walker, and he told Entertainment Weekly (via E! News ) that the reason Walker was dedicated to his work was not to be a star, but rather so that he “take care of his family, number one, and that also allowed him the power and the leverage to help people in need and in crisis.”
10 Meadow Has Been Described By Her Uncles As A ‘Reserved Young Lady’
Meadow Walker tends to shy away from speaking to the media, but her uncles, Caleb and Cody have commented on her in an interview with E! News . “She’s a reserved young lady,” Caleb told the publication as to why she did not want to take part in the documentary, I Am Paul Walker .
9 Unlike Many Other Teens, Meadow Is Not Particularly Active On Social Media (And Her Life Is A Bit Of A Mystery)
Meadow Walker does use social media, and she has an impressive following of more than a million fans, but she is not active (as in, she’s not like the Kardashians and Jenners of the world). She rarely posts photos and updates, and according to Entertainment Tonight , she took a year-long hiatus from social media in 2016.
8 She Is Not That Close To Her Uncles And They Don’t See Her As Much As They’d Like To
Paul Walker’s brothers, Cody and Caleb, were asked about their relationship with their niece in an interview with E! News , and when asked if they were close, Caleb Walker was very honest in his response. He told the publication that they are “not as close” as they would like to be with Meadow.
7 Meadow Grew Up In Hawaii, And She Was Raised By Her Mother...
Paul Walker’s brother, Cody Walker, told E! News that Meadow Walker grew up in Hawaii with her mother (she moved to live with her dad a year before his passing), and that although they would see her over the holidays, other than that, they didn’t see her “all that often.”
6 ...But She Moved To Live With Her Dad Just One Year Before His Untimely Passing
Not long before Paul Walker passed away, Meadow came to live with him. This was a beautiful time in his life, but it was also difficult. Cody Walker told E! News that his brother had been “so excited” to have his daughter live with him that he had tried to pull out of a three-movie deal, but it was too late.
5 Not Long Before Paul Walker’s Passing, He Had Made Some Big Decisions Regarding Meadow’s Future
Paul Walker was always thinking about his daughter’s happiness and well-being. He also wanted her to spend more time with his side of the family, specifically his mother (and her grandmother). Cody Walker told E! News that Paul had intended to retire his mom so that she could be there “full time for Meadow.”
4 She Chose To Not Take Part In The Documentary Honoring Her Father’s Life And Work
The Paul Walker documentary, I Am Paul Walker , debuted in 2018, and received a warm reception. It looked at the late actor’s life, but also featured his close friends and family members, including his brothers, Cody and Caleb Walker, and individuals who he worked with, like director Rob Cohen and his former co-star, Tyrese Gibson. Meadow Walker, however, opted to not be a part of the film.
3 Being A Dad To Meadow Influenced Paul Walker's Life, But Also Helped Vin Diesel Prepare For Fatherhood
Meadow Walker’s life has indirectly affected Vin Diesel. Paul Walker was so proud to be a father, that he was able to give advice to Vin Diesel, something which the actor remembers fondly. He told E! News , "He took on that role of kind of being the guide into fatherhood for me. It's kind of beautiful."
2 Meadow Has Found An Interest In Modeling, And This May Be Something She Wants To Explore More In The Future
Many celebrity children seem to secure modeling contracts, and Meadow Walker is no exception. She has been signed to the Women Management agency, and according to Marie Claire , she has been involved in a campaign for designer Adrianne Elmy.
Whether this is a profession she intends to pursue in the long-term is unclear.
1 Paul Walker Had A Lot Of Fans, But Meadow Has Received Intense Criticism
Meadow Walker has many fans, but she has also received intense criticism, which is perhaps why she has chosen to live her life away from the public eye, for the most part. Bustle notes that when her lawsuit against Porsche was settled (her father passed away in a fiery crash in a Porsche), she was called “greedy” for the multi-million dollar settlement.
Sources: Salon, E! News, The Paul Walker Foundation, Entertainment Tonight, Bustle, Women Management, Marie Claire.
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