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How Cardi B and Jennifer Lopez Went From Being Fans to Friends


Sept. 10, 2019

Jennifer Lopez and Cardi B star together as strippers Ramona and Diamond in the upcoming Hustlers movie , but they've actually known each other since 2017. The ladies first met when they performed at JAY-Z's TIDAL X Brooklyn benefit concert . "I just kept acting like a f*cking weirdo, but I think she understands," Cardi recalled.
Even though they met at the charity event, J Lo had already been a fan of Cardi's long before then. "You know, it's funny, I followed Cardi on Instagram for like four years now," J Lo said in a 2018 interview. "She would speak in a way that would make sense to me. She had a tremendous insight about life, people, and the way they acted and what they did. I just found her very funny and amusing, and I guess it was because it reminded me of the girls I grew up with and my family!"
In addition to Hustlers , J Lo and Cardi also joined forces for their hit "Dinero" with DJ Khaled in 2018. So, how did that collaboration come to be ? Well, when J Lo first heard the song, she immediately knew she wanted Cardi on it. "Dinero" later took home the award for best collaboration at the 2018 MTV VMAs. Ahead, take a look at some of J Lo and Cardi's best moments together before Hustlers hits theaters on Sept. 13.
Jennifer Lopez and Cardi B at the 2018 MTV VMAs
Cardi B and Jennifer Lopez on the Set of Hustlers in NYC
Cardi B and Jennifer Lopez Accepting the Best Collaboration Award at the 2018 MTV VMAs
Jennifer Lopez and Cardi B at the Husters Photocall in LA
Cardi B Singing Jennifer Lopez's "El Anillo"
Jennifer Lopez's "Dinero" Music Video Featuring Cardi B and DJ Khaled
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