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EXPOSED!!! The Truth About Late Robert Mugabe


Sept. 06, 2019

Robert Mugabe is a shrewd politician who has managed to keep a strong hold on Zimbabweans for three decades-plus before he was ousted and he subsequently died.
His genius has kept him at the helm of both ZANU PF and the government, despite the recent massive campaign against him in both the local and the international media.
Mugabe has also managed to twist adverse developments like the land grabbing, which he was hitherto strongly opposed to, to his advantage. (His reluctance to force war veterans and villagers from farms they invaded in the south-eastern region of Masvingo, and eventually nationwide, assured him of another long stay at State House.)
If he had listened to critics accusing him of condoning lawlessness, after he called the invasions a demonstration and allowed the invaders to stay on the landed properties, he would certainly not have returned to State House.
He, therefore, carefully calculated and compared the damages from the critics and from possible campaigns against him by war veterans; then decided sympathizers of the affected white farmers would eventually shut up, but the war veterans would definitely have denied him another term of office.
So, Robert Mugabe is probably one of the most cunning politician on the African continent.
Considering the showers of praise he receives each time he addresses the people and his defeat of opposition groups; from the now-defunct PF ZAPU of Joshua Nkomo after the UANC of Abel Muzorewa, to the ZUM of Edgar Tekere and the MDC of the former ZCTU Secretary General Morgan Tsvangirai.
While he may not totally believe the scores of his former colleagues he fired from ZANU PF really wanted to assassinate him to take over power, he has also managed, with impunity, to shut them out until they formed what may probably be his biggest rival since 1980. 
These are people who know his game, and who have the sympathy of many among the ZANU PF rank and file.
With financial and material support from disgruntled former white Zimbabwean farmers and their sympathisers back in the UK and the US as well as elsewhere, the MDC and the newly introduced PF of Joice Mujuru, one of the ousted ZANU PF big muscles, the political landscape is likely to change for good.
He is hated by the West for not kowtowing to their demands and that decision is at the heart of the problems the people of Zimbabwe live under now.
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