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Update: This girl (22F) I've (21M) been dating revealed that she's a pornstar


Aug. 13, 2019

It's been a while since my first post. It didn't gain much traction but I remembered posting here and figured I would post an update haha. I believe the day after I posted we had a talk. I had done a lot of thinking and eventually realized I wasn't going to be okay with it. I kept telling myself I was, but suddenly it kicked in and I was not cool with it anymore. So we talked and I told her that while I did want to be with her, I didn't see it working out. She didn't take it well, neither did I because breaking things off after such a strong connection is hard af. She wanted to stay friends but I felt like that was only going to hurt us both, so I told her honestly I was going to go no contact. We were both broken and we didn't want to say goodbye, so in the end we agreed to take a break and maybe get back in contact later.
And well, after a week she showed up at my place, and she told me she was quitting. I just kinda froze and she hugged me lol. We were both smiling like a bunch of idiots and it felt sooo good. She got out of the business soon after, still I can't believe she did that just so we could be together. She never lived a lavish lifestyle and actually saved up a lot, so she's going back to college upcoming year. I moved in with her last month, and things are so great man. I love this girl so incredibly much. It's been a bit awkward introducing her to some people (more than one 'don't I know you from somewhere?' lol..) and my friends give me shit for it but it's whatever. I don't really care. All I care about is her. And I love her. It's not the usual love story haha, but shit I'm so glad I found her.
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