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GET THIS: Reasons Why Guys Run Away After Sleeping With You


Aug. 09, 2019

There are several reasons why guys run away after sleeping with you. These reasons may be because of their personal preferences, reasons you can never understand, as they are from a guy’s point of view, or simply because they know what a one night stand is.
Either way, am here to offer up some explanations.
#1 It’s all a daze.
He could probably be so intoxicated and he hasn’t gotten laid for quite some time now. So that’s all he wants to do and nothing else. You were there. You were flirting back. You seemed to show him you were available.
The reason why he ran away is the same reason why he slept with you in the first place – he was just drunk and horny. No explanation needed.
#2 Reality bites. 
Have you seen those romantic comedies where the guy is already in love with a girl, but he still denies it? He goes on a one night stand spree, because he wants to know if what he feels is true. He sleeps with you, wakes up and realizes that he is indeed in love with another special girl. You were just his wake up call.
On the brighter side of things, realize as well that you helped him sort out his feelings. Sleeping with him didn’t end in vain.
#3 Rhythmic complications.
Sometimes, sex isn’t just sex. There’s this thing they call sexual compatibility. Even if you did the horizontal tango, there’s still a huge possibility that the guy didn’t enjoy himself. Heck, maybe in your inebriated haze, you didn’t enjoy yourself as much, either.
This is something that you will never definitively confirm, and you can think about it for days, but you will probably never completely understand why he left. So don’t try to figure it out. It’s not worth your time.
#4 What you hear is what you get.
If you want more than just a one night stand, then be careful of the words that you use. Sometimes, the guys are listening intently to the things that you say, and if they hear something that irks them, they will definitely be heading out the door.
If your one night stand is really something that you think has potential, you should not hide what you truly feel. Being honest is a plus, but if you think this guy may not reciprocate the way you feel, keep your musings to yourself, lest you get a sharp rebuttal!
#5 One.
It’s just a one night stand, not two nights, not three, and it will never be more than that. There shouldn’t even be a reason for him to run away from you, because that’s what one night stands are all about.
It would definitely be better if you don’t expect anything from him, even though he sweet talked his way into your panties in the club. No one should be believed, especially if they are under the influence of alcohol and horny at the same time. Worst combination ever.
Truth be told, you can never really tell why a guy ran away after sleeping with you, unless you see him some time later and you ask him. Even so, you won’t be able to know if he is going to tell you the truth.
The easiest way to get through a situation like this is to just tell yourself that it is what it is. A one night stand, or a sexual escapade. It cannot become a relationship later on, unless you see each other and start dating. 
Whatever his reasons were for scampering off after your night of passion, just take it in your stride and move on along. You deserve better than a guy who just runs off without so much as a goodbye.
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