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I DISVIRGINED My Sister... I LOVE Her... I Want To RUN Away With Her


Aug. 08, 2019

Photo credit: nytbas.com
A 25 year old Nigerian guy has opened a can of worms and we found incest inside.
According to him, he disvirgined his sister when he was 16 years old and they have been sexually active since then. He went on to say that she has even aborted for him twice.
He gets jealous everytime guys come around her but she has a new boyfriend now which she likes and as much as it kills him, he has decided to move away from her so they can stop this incest. But before they do that, he asks her to have sex with him one more time.
Read his poetic account below.
HIAN! Please who can understand the madness going on here??
Can deliverance cure this, or is this a curse?
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