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Trump rallies supporters in Nevada, seeks to overcome Biden lead in the state


Sept. 13, 2020

Republican President Donald Trump rallied his backers in Nevada on Saturday in a bid to drum up support in a state where polls show his Democratic rival Joe Biden is ahead.
Going through a list of grievances about Democrats, the media, and mail-in voting, Trump spoke to a crowd of thousands at an airport outside of Reno where people stood close to one another and, in many cases, did not wear masks despite the coronavirus pandemic. The president mused about staying in office 12 years, despite constitutional limits that prohibit U.S. presidents from serving more than two, four-year terms. “We are going to win four more years in the White House and then after that, we’ll negotiate, right, because we’re probably, based on the way we were treated, we’re probably entitled to another four after that,” he said.
The president, who credits his decision to restrict travel from China at the beginning of the year with saving lives, publicly played down the virus in the early months of 2020 and has pushed for a rapid re-opening of the economy after a lockdown in the spring.
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