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Kenyan Plane Crashes At Dhobley Airstrip In Somalia

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Aug. 04, 2020

A Kenyan plane crash landed in Dhobley airstrip in Somalia on Monday as it attempted to take off to Nairobi.
The military plane is said to have seen 10 military personnel flown to Nairobi where they are currently receiving treatment under stable condition.
Another source by the name Halgan Media revealed that the plane burst into flames after crashing killing three people as both countries stay silent over the issue.
They continue by revealing that the plane was ferrying essential goods to the KDF team in Somalia at the time of the incident.
Both Kenya and Somalia maintain a common goal that is to defeat terror groups making their way through the borders.
It is also not the first case of a Kenyan plane crashing in Somalia with question being raised over the cause and state of the planes.
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