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Betty Kyallo Makes Grand Comeback With Upclose Show

Wama KE

Aug. 03, 2020

Betty Kyallo’s Upclose show took a nose dive soon as she was shown the door at K24 leaving fans out to dry with nothing but her recent Betty Kyallo Lately YouTube show to survive on. Her TV show was a sensation to masses, featuring experts in their field, right from the comfort of their homes and just not the ordinary studio interviews that had started becoming too obvious to fans.
Betty set herself apart with her weekend show that took over the local media space at that particular hour, fans ever looking forward to the weekend. Unfortunately, the hype died down soon as it started and just like that, a popular brand was brought down to zero. In place, was her vlog that kicked off on a high note but recently, there has not been enough juice to serve. Seems she got the memo soon enough as she preps to re-bounce with Upclose. 
Sunday, August 2, the now-entrepreneur made the big announcement, breaking from her routine Betty Kyallo Lately for her all time favorite feature Upclose. Well, this time round to feature online not on telly because we all know why. Promising, bigger and better than it’s predecessor show.  #Bettykyallolately takes a short break from tonight for a week as we shoot your All time favourite feature #Upclose with BK! It’s going to be great! It’s going to be lit as it was on TV! BK loves you! Don’t worry. I’m out here grinding for you. Before clarifying that despite the hurdles, TV remains her first love. TV was my first love. It will always be ❤️
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