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Four Dead Bodies Were Found In An Apartment In Delta

Nhyiba Sammy

July. 31, 2020

FOUR people, including three men and one woman, were found dead Friday morning in the living room of a two-room apartment at the Rich Man Garden Estate, behind the Anglican Girls' Grammar School, Asaba, Delta State.
The fifth occupant of the two-room apartment, who was identified simply as Maxwell, was unconscious at the time police opened the apartment door and was taken to Asaba Federal Hospital for medical treatment.
At the time of this report, Maxwell was on oxygen at the hospital. The identities of the deceased victims, who allegedly moved into the apartment on Tuesday, are still unknown.
State Police Commissioner Hafiz Inuwa confirmed the incident and said the investigation was underway to uncover the circumstances leading to his death, adding that the unconscious victim would help the investigation if he survived.
However, Inuwa said that an autopsy would be conducted on the evacuated bodies. One of the settlement's residents who spoke to reporters was shocked by the incident and added that the electricity generated by one set of the victims ran from Tuesday night until Wednesday noon, when it shut off by itself.
Citing anonymity, however, he said the generator had been installed on the balcony of the apartment. The neighbour who claimed to have helped evacuate the bodies said: "I went in to help evacuate the bodies and counted five people, four boys and one girl.
"One of the boys was still alive but in critical condition. I found no drugs or related substances. They were all sitting in the living room when we entered the room.
Another neighbor, who also spoke, said he was worried that no one would leave the apartment after more than 24 hours and said that the generator had not been turned on the following night.
He said, "This created suspicion. So at dawn we invited the police to come and check out what was wrong. When the police opened the door, we found the lifeless bodies of four people.
Another neighbour, who identified himself as Odogwu, said that other residents in the building had raised the alarm because the new tenants had not managed to leave their apartment, even when their belongings had been soaked by the rain.
Odogwu said: "At night we realized that they could not leave their apartment even when it was raining on their property, and then we knew that everything was not okay because no sane person leaves their property in the rain when they can take it in.
"This morning we were worried that they weren't looking after their property, so we invited the police to see if everything was all right behind closed doors.
The owner of the building, Onuoha Okonji, who also spoke to reporters, was surprised to learn that four other people had joined the original tenant, whom he identified as Maxwell of Ozoro.
Okonji said she was surprised when she received an emergency call about the tragedy and said that Maxwell had been introduced to her by an agent and that they had done business before she said Maxwell had moved out.
The president of the farm, Clement Okafor, suspected that the victims might have died from prolonged inhalation of carbon monoxide from the generator.
Okafor lamented that the farm had been without public electricity for more than two years and asked the management of the Benin Electricity Distribution Company to activate the power transformer in the area.
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