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Why 'Bad Blood' Between Sonko And NMS May Not Be Ending Soon

Khisa KE

July. 16, 2020

The relationship between Nairobi Governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko and the Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS) has always been on the edge since the flamboyant county boss signed an agreement to transfer some of the functions. Despite the deal brokered by President Uhuru Kenyatta, Sonko has always accused the NMS of trying to out-wit him, on matters development.
It seems the push and pull between those two sides may not be coming to an end anytime soon, at least based on the recent claims from Sonko. While appearing before the Senate Committee of County Public Accounts and Investment, the governor accused the Mohamed Badi-led NMS of undermining his leadership. 
Sonko said despite being an elected governor of the city-county, the NMS has always ignored him and even barred him from launching some projects he had initiated and are now complete. This, the governor said, was aimed at painting him as a failure. “I am not a failure as Badi and team want to portray me. I have done a lot for this county. I know Nairobi might not be a county after the BBI report and that I might be forced to go and vie in another county but I will not allow people to tell me that I failed Nairobi,” Sonko told the Senate Committee. He vowed to continue fighting NMS, which he noted had been declared illegal by the court.
After a court directed that Sonko be barred from accessing his office due to graft charges he was facing, President Uhuru brokered a deal that saw some of the county functions transferred to NMS. The functions that were transferred include Health, Transport, Public Works, utilities and ancillary services and planning and development departments.
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