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Meet The Pretty Daughter Of Nigerian Comic Actor Mr. Ibu And The Entire Family

Denison adzotor

July. 16, 2020

Popular Nigerian comic actor Mr. Ibu is very well known for the comic roles he plays in Nigerian movies and that has made him a household name in Nigeria.
The actor even though people most often say is not handsome because of the plus-size he carries alongside his potbelly completely paint a picture of him.
Well, every celebrity has a way of redeeming the negatives and Mr. Ibu has just done that to shame the trolls on social media.
A picture of himself and his family has surfaced on social media and his 8-years-old daughter is the complete inverse of her Dad.
Mr. Ibu has this beautiful dark-skinned daughter who is slowly growing up to shade her father’s looks.
One will not easily believe should you be told that she is the daughter of Mr. Ibu if appearance was the only factor of comparism to consider.  
One cannot wait to see how beautiful she will look when she grows up but we only hope she wouldn’t take after the fooling nature of her father.
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