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Landlady Arraigned In Court For Breaking Tenant's House, Stealing Property Worth Over 153K

Ron KE

July. 16, 2020

Matilda Njoki was accused of breaking into her tenant's house and stealing household goods as payment for rent arrears - She pleaded not guilty and instead told the court the tenant, George Wambugu, had given her the house keys - She said Wambugu had failed to pay rent amounting to KSh 25,000 despite having promised to do so A landlady in Nairobi's Zimmerman estate is in trouble after she allegedly broke a tenant's door and stole household goods worth KSh 153, 800 as payment for rent arrears.
 Matilda Njoki Ndungu was accused of breaking into George Wambugu Mute’s house on July 12 along with others who were not before the court on Wednesday, July 15.
Appearing before chief magistrate Heston Nyaga of the Makadara Law Courts, Njoki denied the allegations saying Wambugu had left her the key to his house, reported the Daily Nation. Njoki told the court that Wambugu owed her KSh 25,000 in rent arrears and had gone missing for days saying he had gone to look for the money only to come back with KSh 2,000. She said the complainant had fabricated the lies in a bid to settle the rent arrears dispute so that he does not pay it. In another case, Njoki was accused of stealing a phone worth KSh 30,000 from one of her drinking buddies.
She was accused of conspiring with another suspect yet to be arrested for stealing the phone from Michael Kitondo on July 11. The accused told the court that her friend had resorted to framing her over his lost phone after she turned down his s3xual advances. Njoki was freed on different cash bails amounting to KSh 70,000. Hearing of the cases was slated to start on October 1, 2020. 
Notably, disputes of house owners and their tenants are on the rise owing to the COVID-19 impact that has affected many Kenyans. In some cases, house owners have gone as far as removing the roofs and others removing doors in a bid to evict tenants who do not pay their rents. 
This is happening despite an order by the Landlords and Tenants Association requiring all tenants to stop paying rent over the COVID-19 impact. 
The association also asked landlords having challenges in complying with the directives to seek advice from it by texting the word Tenant or Landlord to 20777 so it can pick up the matter. The association had on Wednesday, April 1, called on landlords across the country to offer their tenants rent waivers for the months of April, May and June. 
With most landlords demanding rent by the fifth of every month, Kenyans had voiced their anxieties over the situation, particularly low-income earners who are now out of work.
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