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Be Your Neighbor's Keeper - Kenya's Adopt A Family Initiative

Sofia KE

July. 15, 2020

Over 600 families now are benefiting from Adopt a Family Initiative in Kibera. This local charity was formed to provide relief to residents in desperate needs during the pandemic. Many who live hand to mouth weren’t able to fend for themselves. 38 year old Moses Omondi is the mastermind of this initiative. Born and raised in Kibera, he is familiar with the hurdles people living in this slum go through.
“I started this initiative as people were hard hit by the directive that was issued where the government wanted people to stay home to adhere to social distancing and avoid physical contact and as a result many families lost their income,” says Omondi
He has partnered with several local organizations and volunteers to help run the project and is also mobilizing people to join the cause through social media platforms.
“My major responsibility is to reach out mobilize resources through my network then identify families that are in need,” he says
These families are then linked with helpers who cater for their upkeep. The adopters are both from Kenya and across the world. It costs at least ksh1500 a week to adopt a family of six.
Through the initiative, adoptees can benefit through 4 ways: food donations, direct money transfers, voucher system and setting up small scale businesses.
“For accountability and transparency we have a system that we’ve put in place. We have an M-changa account with three mandatory signatories. Money is channeled to our bank account and receipts are filed,” says Omondi
Government representatives in Kibera say they are doing their best to help the needy during this time and that personal initiatives such as this are important in picking up the slack.
 "So far the government has done very well but you see we cannot do it alone, we need partners, this is where we say, the likes of Omondi are the best in the world.” said Nehemiah Amwocha, the assistant chief of Gatwekera location in Kibera  
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