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12-Year-Old Girl Forcefully Married To Two Men Within One Month In Kenya


July. 15, 2020

Source: standardmedia.co.ke
Kenya Authorities and Children's rights campaigner, have rescued 12-year-old girl after she was forcefully married off to two men in the span of one month.
The girl's father, in Narok County west of the capital Nairobi, forced her to marry a 51-year-old man and after she escaped, she got married to another 35-year-old man for fear of being reprimanded by her father.
"I escaped and since I could not go back to my father's home for fear of being reprimanded, I eloped with a 35-year-old man, who was married," she is quoted as saying in the Standard.
Source: globalcitizen.org
Kenya's Standard newspaper reports that after the first groom offered four cows as a dowry, the girl protested against getting married but was then beaten up by her male cousins.
A children's rights campaigner said he was tipped off about the girl when he was in the process of rescuing another girl.
"The father gave her off to the elderly man to be married. She had no option than to get married to the younger man," Joshua Kaputah from the Narok County Peace Association told the BBC.
Mr Kaputah added that poverty and the closure of schools due to the coronavirus pandemic have played a role in increasing cases of child marriages.
Source: ynaija.com
"Some families are hungry and the prospect of receiving two or three cows as dowry is quite tempting," he said.
Police are still searching for the father and the two men who had married the girl, who have all gone into hiding, local media report.
If convicted, they could be sent to prison for up to five years and/or be fined of up to 1 million Kenyan shillings (£8,000; $10,000).
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