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Shocking!! Ridge Hospital Exhumes Body Of Top Rwandan Who Died Of Coronavirus

Prudy Doe

July. 14, 2020

Management of the Greater Accra Regional Hospital late Monday exhumed the body of a high-profiled Rwandan who died of COVID-19.
Dr. Emmanuel, as the deceased has been identified, had been sent to the facility, popularly known as Ridge Hospital, by his family for treatment after he tested positive for the Coronavirus.
He, however, succumbed to complications from the virus and doctors at the hospital pronounced him dead on Thursday, July 9, 2020. His medical report indicated he died of COVID-19.
According to sources, prior to his death, the deceased, who is said to be a medical director in the East African country, was not booked at the facility’s corporate services as was the norm.
Subsequent attempts to locate the body for necessary documentation proved futile as staff of the facility including morgue attendants, could not find the body in the hospital.
This reportedly caused anxiety among some hospital staff, as there was no record of it being taken out of the facility.
However, a close sourse has confimed that the body was found to have been buried at a cemetery in Accra, without prior knowledge of the family.
Persistent pressure from family members compelled the management of Ridge Hospital to exhume the body, late Monday for identification.
We are also learning that investigations have started to unravel how the deceased body was moved out of the facility without the requisite documentation.
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