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Wole Soyinka Celebrates 86th birthday.


July. 13, 2020

Noble Laurette, Wole Soyinka Celebrates his 86th birthday today.
The renowned writer was born into a Yoruba family on July 13, 1934 in Abeokuta, Nigeria.
Wole Soyinka has authored so many books that has won several prizes across the world and today his birthday needs to be celebrated considering his noble status.
He has been a strong critic of successive Nigerian governments, especially the country’s many military dictators, as well as other political tyrannies.
Wole Soyinka father was an Anglican minister and also a head master of a missionary school during his day's.
Wole Soyinka was the first African to win a noble prize, and he was also the cousin of the famous Africa Musician Fela Kuti.
He was named Commander of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in 1986 by General Ibrahim Babangida.
Happy birthday to this legend
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