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World Rarest Gorillas Discovered In Cross River State, Nigeria (Photos)

Okoye Chima

July. 09, 2020

Researchers are excited, having discovered the group of the world rarest gorillas species carrying their babies in Nigeria.
Seven cross Rivers gorillas were seen carrying their babies at the MB Mountain Community Forest in Cross River by the wild conservation society in May and June.
According to the WSC, an international non government organization, the pictures were capture by cameras that have been planted in the forest mountain for a long time.
If was further noted that the gorillas and the world rarest apes avoid humans as possible, due to a long history of maltreatment.
Experts said that the sighting of the breeds is a positive sign that they are reproducing, saying that no babies have been caught on cameras before.
A team of 16 eco-guards have reportedly been recruited to patrol and protects the gorillas and other wildlife.
The image of the gorillas are the clearest sign of the species' gradual resurgence, said Inaoyoma Imong, director of WSC Cross River gorilla landscape project.
"It's extremely exciting to see some many young gorillas in Cross River - an encouraging indicator that these gorillas are now well protected and reproducing successfully after some decades of hunting", he said.
Imong also noted that better protection for the gorillas were still needed.
"While hunters in the region will no longer targets gorillas, the threat of hunting remains, and we need to improve the effectiveness of our protection".
Below Are Photos Of The Rare Gorilla Species.
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