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I Think My Partner's Been Having S*x With His Neighbour During Lockdown


Jun. 30, 2020

My partner and I live apart and have only been ready to meet for a couple of walks since lockdown. Now I’m afraid he’s having s*x together with his neighbor.
I’m divorced after my husband cheated on me. My partner has never married but has had several relationships. I'm 58 and he's 56.
We live a three-hour drive apart but wont to spend alternate weekends at each other’s houses which worked well. 
I used to be usually busy with family and grandkids during the week but he enjoyed getting involved in my social and family life when he was here.
Then lockdown arrived. He couldn’t come to measure with me as he counts as a key worker so still has got to get to his job. I also didn’t want to be too distant from my family, so stayed put.
S*x has never been a crucial part of our relationship – which is right down to me after “woman troubles”.
I’ve no interest in having a s*x life – I’d rather not have a relationship. I do know s*x still matters to him but he accepted my feelings about it and appeared to think the remainder of our relationship made up for it.
I’ve always noticed he was a touch excited when he talked about his next-door neighbor, a divorcee in her forties. He was always on about her but now he modifies the topic if I mention her. 
 My instinct is that he’s sleeping together with her but I don’t know what to do about it.
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