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Anti-Police Protests Rock Nandi Over Shoe Shiner's Killing [VIDEO]

KB Philip

Jun. 25, 2020

Hundreds of protesters took to the streets in Lessos town, Nandi County on Thursday, June 25 following the death of a local cobbler and shoe shiner.
The shoe shiner's body was found lying by the roadside in the morning, with blood flowing from his head pointing to a gunshot wound.
A crowd gathered around the body before emotions ran high and protests began as residents accused a local police officer of being behind the killing.
They set car tires on fire and chanted anti-police slogans, demanding justice as they protested on the Kapsabet-Nandi Highway, paralyzing traffic.
Boda boda riders in the area joined in the protests which were ongoing by the time of publication and demanded to be addressed by police.
They maintained that they would not relent until action was taken on the alleged perpetrator whom they accused of terrorizing area residents.
Protesters described the slain shoe-shiner as an honest working man with no known involvement in questionable dealings, seeking answers on the circumstances surrounding his death.
They sat in the middle of the road beside the fires, screaming and shrieking as frustrated drivers waited, unable to proceed with their journeys.
This becomes the latest case of alleged police brutality and extra-judicial killings, with a number of protests witnessed in Nairobi in recent weeks over the issue.
There has been a reported surge in complaints of police misconduct since enforcement of the curfew began as part of Covid-19 restrictions.
The reported surge is corroborated by statistics from the Independent Police Oversight Authority (IPOA) who on June 2 revealed that they were investigating the deaths of 15 people linked to police since enforcement of the curfew began.
Other than the alleged killings, IPOA noted that they were investigating 31 incidents where victims sustained injuries linked to the actions of police officers during curfew enforcement .
IPOA disclosed that since the end of March, 87 complaints against the police had been reported.
Watch a video of the protests below:
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