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Ngunjiri Wambugu Advises Ruto to Read the Signs


May. 23, 2020

Nyeri Town MP Ngunjiri Wambugu on Friday evening, May 23, advised Deputy President William Ruto to allow his boss Uhuru Kenyatta to make changes needed without any hindrances.
Wambugu noted that another blow for the DP would cripple him politically.
"Ruto should tell any of his allies targeted to be removed to resign, quietly. Another day like today - and he’s done for good," Wambugu stated.
Weighing in on the impeachment motion tabled before the Senate on Friday, May 22, political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi also stated that ousted Deputy Speaker Kithure Kindiki's loss was a disaster for the DP.
"The Ruto enterprise has feet of clay and the mouth of a parrot. Even my grandmother would have gotten better votes than 54 vs 7 in the Senate.
"Kindiki should have resigned. The next move should be the recall of GEMA home guards. Then impeachment," Mutahi stated.
Further, Wambugu reminded the DP of the vow the president had made on June 16 2019 during an Annual General Conference of the Akorino Churches Assembly at Moi International Sports Centre, Kasarani.
At the ceremony, which the DP had also attended, Uhuru used the Kikuyu dialect in his tongue-lashing speech, which targeted DP allies.
"I have chosen to speak vernacular and I'll go around repeating the same. Some of the thugs that you people elected should not mistake me for a little boy to play with. They will not stand in the way that I have chosen and where I want to take this nation," the President asserted.
"They keep going around the country but they should know they didn't give me any votes, I am the one who campaigned for them.
"You (the people) gave me the mandate to lead this country and that is what I stand by until I finish the job. Have you heard me, my people?" he asked  4 times repeatedly, with his voice getting louder each time.
Similarly, on January 31, 2020, the president made a thinly veiled confession on how he had lost his belief in his Deputy William Ruto and close allies who had been delegated to aid him in launching projects.
He declared that he had taken upon himself the mantle to launch and inspect projects, after finding out that most of them never made it to see the light of day.
"I'll come to see for myself, you give people respect but they throw mud at you, but no problem. And I keep telling them, whatever you do to get what belongs to you. If the public is not satisfied, you are cursed in their eyes, true or false?" Uhuru lamented.
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