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Elders Intervene In Uhuru-Ruto Cold War, Calls For Talks

Tinah KE

May. 21, 2020

President Uhuru Kenyatta and DP William Ruto
Reports dated Thursday 21st May have revealed that Elders and political leaders from the Rift Valley are officially tired of the wrangles in Jubilee and are mounting pressure on President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto to sit down and talk over the thorny issues.
Members of the Kalenjin Council of Elders said the escalating cold war between the President and his deputy, which has seen allies of the DP removed from their plum leadership positions in the Senate, is not good for the country at a time when the coronavirus pandemic is ravaging the world.
During an interview with a local publication, the elders noted that there is a need for inclusivity and patriotism now that the country is feeling the pinch of the virus crisis, locusts’ invasion and floods.
"This country is at war with Covid-19, locusts and floods hence political games should be put aside but it is very unfortunate that it is taking place when people are suffering," Myoot Council of Elders Chairman Emeritus John Seii, who is also a member of the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) task force, said.
"Coronavirus is like an external attack and as a good soldier, you focus on the external as you put aside internal affairs until the war is won and that is why we want the President and his deputy to reconcile and work together to win this war. Removing of Kipchumba Murkomen (Elgeyo-Marakwet) and Susan Kihika (Nakuru) could have waited," Mr Seii said.
The elders lamented that politicians have failed to set the right priorities and rather than focusing on how people could be cushioned against the effects of Covid-19, they have decided to indulge in pushing their 2022 agenda.
"When leaders are divided, driving the country becomes very hard, more so during this time when we are witnessing a virus crisis, locust and floods. Let the country be united without anyone being sidelined. Those who want to politick [should] wait until 2022," added John Yego, a member of the council.
DP William Ruto and his boss, president Uhuru Kenyatta have been involved in a cold war that is being witnessed in the wrangles in the Jubilee Party where allies of the DP and those of the president openly differ in ideologies. The DP's camp has been decrying of frustration in the party with two of its camp members being ousted from top senate positions. Elgeyo Marakwet Senator Kipchumba Murkomen and Nakuru Senator Susan Kihika were ousted from the Senate Majority leader and Majority whip respectively.
Kithure Kindiki
The President on his side has remained mum regarding the developments, however, Jubilee Party Secretary general Raphael Tuju revealed that any step taken in the party is approved by the president. The latest victim in the Jubilee wrangles is deputy senate speaker Kithure Kindiki who is just hanging in the line waiting for his ouster time.
Already 48 of the required 45 senators to remove the holder of the office have signed the petition.
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