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Arati to Sudi: You are just a big-mouthed crank with nothing between your ears!


May. 18, 2020

Dagoretti North MP Hon Simba Arati has taken an issue with Kapseret MP Oscar Sudi’s weekend remarks that they will reveal who killed the late Chris Musando. In a scathing attack, MP Arati said it was unfair to the family of the late IEBC boss for politicians to play their games with the name of their loved one.
”Oscar Sudi and Kimani Ngunjiri should be arrested and questioned for the allegations they made yesterday. They should stop playing politics with family of late Chris Msando who are still grieving their loved one.
Sudi you are just a big-mouthed crank with nothing between your ears. You don’t care for Kenyans. You only speak to seek rent from your demigod.It’s so foolish and naive,” Arati wrote.
Sudi had threatened to name the killers of slain IEBC IT Manager Chris Musando. Accompanied by Bahati MP Kimani Ngunjiri, the MP also revealed there were people following him using unmarked vehicles ever since the Tanga Tanga outfit fell out with President Uhuru Kenyatta.
“It’s not a joke and soon we will reveal everything including those who killed Msando and others. Even Moi was everything during his time. But one day he went back home to sit under the tree and recently we laid him to rest. Let them know that we all are headed there,” said Sudi.
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