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Magufulu Testifies About Son Who Tested Positive of Covid-19 Healing After Taking Lemon and Ginger


May. 17, 2020

Tanzania President John Pombe Magufuli has given a testimony that one of his two children who tested positive for coronavirus that has sent the entire globe into panic has recovered and is now healthy.
Speaking during a Church service, Magufuli revealed that his child who contracted the deadly novel, was locked up in their room and only used homemade remedies to take care of the condition and now the child is back on his feet and even able to do push-ups.
“Nina mtoto wangu alipata Corona, mtoto wa kuzaa mimi, amejifungia kwenye chumba akaanza kujitibu, akanywa malimao na tangawizi, amepona yuko mzima sasa anapiga push up,” President Magufuli testified.
The Tanzanian head of State had earlier been strongly criticized for being dismissive about the deadly virus outbreak, ordered a three-day prayer period in his country, and has also hinted at reopening schools and allow other business to go on as usual.
Maintaining that Coronavirus is just like any other disease, President Magufuli added that he will not allow the deadly virus to bring his country down as it has done affected other nations’ economies.
“Hatuwezi kubali Corona itawale, Mungu wetu atatawala… tumekua na magonjwa kama ukimwi…,” he added.
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