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Renown Kenyan Journalist Speaks About How He Escaped Bomb Attack In Somalia

Dennis KE

March. 26, 2020

One of the many risks that come with being an investigative journalist, is having to put your life on the line to inform members of the public and more often than not, expose the rot in society.
However, while the ordinary person or newsmakers might label them investigative features, or exposés, NTV's Dennis Okari believes it is just what journalists should do.
In a quickfire interview with the station on Friday, March 20, 2020, the renowned investigative journalist recounted escaping a bomb attack while he was on assignment in Jubbaland, Somalia.
On the d day, he and his camera guy were escorted by military officers from the camp where they had spent the night.
They were travelling in an armoured car that was sandwiched between two in the front and others in the rear. Okari stated that the logic behind the formation was to shield them from an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) attack.
When we were finished with the interview, they took us to an open field and they showed us a bomb they had found on the road, and so I asked them why and how this was connected to me," Okari recounted.
That is when the soldiers informed him that the previous day, while he was afforded a few minutes to snap some pictures on the road, Al Shabaab militants had got word that journalists were around. 
What the military did, was they were trying to go through the road we would use and that is when they found the IED.
You could see how it had ripped  when the military detonated it, and then one of them told me, 'this could have been you'," he narrated.
Okari stated that while he did not rank the experience as one of the scariest he has been through, he did admit that after seeing the bomb, and understanding it had been planted to specifically target them, it was then that the reality sank in.
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