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Kangemi Gas Explosion Leaves Businesses And Houses Up In Flames

Dennis KE

March. 25, 2020

Traders in Kangemi are counting losses after a huge fire broke out in the region next to Loresho Chief's Camp razing down houses.
The fire broke out on the night of Sunday, March 22nd and one woman was feared to have been burnt inside one of the houses that were razed in the inferno.
A source at the scene of the fire said the outbreak was caused by a gas explosion.
A gas cylinder exploded and a few houses and shops went up in flames. One woman was reportedly burnt inside her house.
Firefighters arrived at the scene and helped contain the fire.
The Kangemi market has seemingly been a hotbed of fire outbreaks with other incidences reported roughly a month apart, in February and March 2019.
In February, a huge inferno broke out at Kibagare slum near the flyover on the Loresho side.
The fire engulfed the Sodom area in Kangemi and burnt dozens of properties to the ground.
In March 2019, another fire broke out at Mountain View right next to Kangemi flyover along Waiyaki Way, Nairobi.
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