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Breaking: Two More Suspected Cases Of Coronavirus Found In Nairobi

Habari Kenya

March. 23, 2020

The Ministry of health in order to contain the spread of the novel Covid-19 virus made the choice to enhance a random screening exercising within the central business District.
The exercise occurred on Saturday, March 21 and saw a complete of 4771 people go through the screening system where their temperature was taken and recorded.
As in keeping with figures launched by way of the Nairobi County health CEC, Hitan Majevdia two of those were observed to have better than normal temperatures with the baseline set at 38 degrees celsius.
Medics undertaking random screening for Covid-19 signs and symptoms at national archives, Nairobi on Saturday, March 21, 2020
Medics conducting random screening for Covid-19 signs and symptoms at countrywide archives, Nairobi on Saturday, March 21, 2020
that is 1 degree above the normal human frame temperature which is 37 levels celsius.
The contacts of the 2 affected humans have been taken and the ministry said it'd hold a close eye on them in case they confirmed further signs of the virus.
The planned workout targetting three key regions of Nairobi city. This being the region around Khoja Roundabout and the Nairobi fire Station; around Kencom and Ambassador; in addition to the country Bus terminus and OTC segment of the city.
In those places, the ministry was able to display screen a complete of 3043 adults, 1541 young people and 187 children.
The best percent numbers screened have been across the country Bus terminus which cumulatively tested 2660 human beings. With the lowest numbers registered around Khoja with a complete of 748 people screened.
The random screening became ignited by using a name to action declared with the aid of the cabinet Secretary for health, Mutahi Kagwe.
In an address he delivered on Thursday, March 19, Kagwe declared the ministry's intention to launch the random screening technique.
Medics undertaking random screening at countrywide documents, Nairobi on Saturday, March 21, 2020.
Medics conducting random screening at countrywide archives, Nairobi on Saturday, March 21, 2020.
"we can embark on random screening in targeted regions for contributors of the public beginning Saturday, March 21. The workout, so that it will be coordinated with the aid of the Ministry of health will involve different stakeholders which includes the Kenya red cross, security staff amongst others," Kagwe stated.
Screening by checking frame temperature has been stated as an vital tool inside the fight in opposition to Covid-19.
However, temperature checks have been faulted for delivering fake positives or lacking instances. it is therfore advised that they're used together with other testing methods.
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