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Admirable facts that makes Deeper life Bible Church the Ideal Church


Feb. 09, 2020

Deeper Life Bible Church stands out in a world filled with prosperity churches and end time pastors.
The Church remains one of the few churches in Nigeria till date that has remained almost unchanged in doctrine since the ministry started. Here's how:
1. The church and its members are unique
These days, a lot of churches have blended into each other because everyone is trying to be like everyone else. In the midst of all of these, the Deeper Life Bible Church stands out in every way.
A perfect example is their overseer, William Folorunso Kumuyi, who is absolutely different from other preachers. Whilst other church leaders are known for showing off their exotic rides, jets, the Deeper life overseer still lives a simple and understated life.
2. The members have managed to maintain their style
Over the years, there have been a lot of churches that started out one way and are now doing things differently. In a bid to attract more worshippers and blend with the modern times, these churches have dropped the qualities that set them apart from others.
This church has continued to maintain their style. In this era of flamboyant churches (no judgement), Deeper Life continues to remain the same in spite of the criticisms and mockery.
3. The Overseer is not afraid to admit his mistakes
In 2015, Kumuyi created a huge stir when he declared that he would remove the unholy doctrines he created before he dies. According to him, some of his doctrines had caused more harm than good, hence the need to remove them, causing providing a purer and more acceptable church.
This surprised everyone because it is very unusual for a Nigerian pastor to admit to making a mistake openly. This trait is certainly something worth admiring, let's hope others can learn from it.
4. The church has grown from zero to hundred.
In the year 1973, Bro Kumuyi started a Bible study group while he was a lecturer of mathematics at the University of Lagos. The study group had only fifteen members, who eventually grew in numbers and were able to convince him to start a church. Thus, the Deeper Life Bible Church was born on Sunday, 7 November 1982.
Now, the church has over one million members in more than sixty countries around the world. Reportedly, the church has an attendance of 120,000 every Sunday, more than 500 churches in Lagos, and over 5,000 in the rest of Nigeria. According to foreign policy, this church is the "world largest megachurch".
5. The church's main focus is the Word of God.
When you enter any church, you are likely to hear sermons on prosperity, blessings, followed by reasons you should pay your tithes, but that's not the case with Deeper life Bible church. The Church cares about following the Bible to the letter.
A person wrote, “Kumuyi teaches the Bible (quite masterly and convincingly) as if he was there when it was written!” Another said, “I would classify him as one of the greatest living preachers, giving a dstraight forward Bible-based message, his sermons thorough, and always personally challenging and enlightening".
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