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Woman killed in Bishop Lavis taxi crash


Feb. 08, 2020

Cape Town - A collision between two minibus taxis left a 28-year-old woman dead and 26 others injured, on Saturday morning in Bishop Lavis.
The collision occurred on the corner of Lavis Drive and 35th Avenue.
ER24 spokesperson, Ross Campbell said in a statement that they were on the scene at 7.26 am, on Saturday morning.
“Critical injuries had taken a toll on two patients, a man and woman. They were soon treated with Advanced Life Support interventions and taken to Tygerberg Hospital by ER24 and Metro EMS,” said Campbell.
A 28-year-old woman died due to her critical state and a man was still in a critical condition on Saturday.
“Eight others were found to have suffered moderate injuries and seventeen, minor injuries. 20 were transported to Elsies River Day Hospital by various services and 6 in total went to Tygerberg, while one moderately injured female was taken to a private hospital by another private service.” he said.
Campbell told Weekend Argus that when the ER24 team arrived at the scene, the two taxis were still in the road, one bashed in the front and the other on the back right-hand side.
"Lots of people were surrounding the scene, some ejected and lying on the ground outside. Others had self extricated and were sitting on the sidewalks."
City of Cape Town Traffic Services spokesperson Maxine Bezuidenhout, said that traffic services were on the scene at approximately 7.30am on Saturday morning.
“Traffic services tended to a murder vehicle collision on the corners of Lavis drive and 35th Avenue in Bishop Lavis, involving two mini bus taxis. 27 passengers were injured,” she confirmed.
Bezuidenhout told Weekend Argus that the collision is being investigated by police.
"Please be advised that Bishop Lavis police have opened a case of culpable homicide following an accident that left a woman fatally injured and other victims injured. The circumstances surrounding this accident are under investigation with no arrests at this stage." said police spokesperson Sergeant Noloyiso Rwexana.
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