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two 25 year olds ejected from a …


Feb. 08, 2020

A motorist and his passenger were ejected from their vehicle on Friday around 7:15 p.m. in Troistorrents. The 25-year-old Swiss were taken to hospital. One by ambulance in Rennaz. The other by helicopter at CHUV Lausanne.
The Valais police say that the accident took place on the Forestriere road, which leads from Morgins to the plain. If the investigation opened by the Public Prosecutor’s Office will continue, it already appears that the car has left the road to finish its race in the forest, below the road.
An occupant was able to give the alert
It was one of the two occupants of the car who went back up the hill and notified a third person, who alerted the emergency services.
On September 4, 2019, this same Troistorrents Forest Road had been the scene of a fatal accident. President of the town, Fabrice Donnet-Monay advances an unfortunate combination of circumstances. “This route is used each for by several hundred vehicles.”
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Note that an elderly couple’s exit from the road, still last September in Troistorrents, had taken place on another forest road, that known as “de la Tille”.
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