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Have you ever meditate about your last breath?


Jan. 11, 2020

*Al-qoburi bada l maut..... Grave after Death .
Did you ever stop for a while and asked yourself what is going to happen to you the 1st night in your grave?*
Think about the day people will carry you to your grave and your families crying.
Think about the moment you are put in your grave.
Just imagine yourself in your grave down there in that dark hole alone. Too dark, you cry for help but no answer or reply from anybody. Nobody can help you.
It's s too narrow, your bones are squashed, you regret all the bad things you did during your life, you regret missing 5 daily prayers, you regret your disrespectful manners towards everyone especially your Parents.
*Woman will regret not wearing her Hijab*, you regret ignoring the orders of ALLAH, you regret ignoring the knowledge of Islam.
There is no escape route. You will face your punishment for every little things you’ve done.
You are alone in your grave with only your deeds. No money 💰, no jeweleries jewelries 🎁, no connections 📞, nothing but your deeds 💪​​​.
When your grave is shut you feel like screaming while telling everybody by your grave not to go, to stay beside your grave but you can’t be heard they will leave you & go, you will even hear their footsteps and hear them crying as they walk away.
While in this world you thought 💭 you will last forever. You thought you will stay with your friends & families forever. You thought you will have fun forever. You are wrong.
*So, just spend few minute and think about or look through your future and remember your final destination {Grave}….*
so spend the whole of your life preparing for it because it must surely come and no one will be spared.
DEATH is the destroyer of all pleasures. Be wise and be warned! ⚠
May we all strive to jannah after death........Aamiin
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