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The Top S£x Positions That Will Make Her Go Off

Clint Bling

Dec. 02, 2019

Every man would surely want to please his woman in bed and the women love it as hell. They want to be turned on and put in the mood. But most guys just settle for the basic s£x positions and call it a night and that can get a little boring since you'll leave your woman less satisfied and yearning for more yet she wants to reach the "O" land. This will make her fake orgasms just to make her man assume that she had one. Here are some awesome and exotic s3x positions to lighten up the fire in your bedroom and spice up your s£x life. 
1. Missionary 
According to s3x experts, lots of women get the most pleasure out of basic missionary s3x. They say that the good old-fashioned missionary s3x position  is the best of all though there's nothing fancy about it, but the women say that they love the closeness and the intimacy the missionary position brings and having their partner's weight on them. For this position to be effective, the man has to make sure he's entering his woman's vag!na at the right angle. He should do this by going in diagonally so that there's more friction for cl!toral stimulation which is best to enable the woman get an orgasm.
2. Reverse Cowgirl 
This s£x position involves the man either lying down or being in a sitting position so that the female straddles him backwards while facing his feet. The reverse cowgirl is a key s3x position that also allows easy access to the cl!toris and because of this, this position gets to be one that is most likely to facilitate an orgasm because direct cl!toral stimulation is easy to engage in.
3. Doggie Style
The Doggy style is a great s3x position for the woman because it allows her to have optimal control of the s3x and it allows for deep penetration and maximum pleasure. She is able to adjust her motion for an angle that feels best for her. The man can likely stimulate the woman's G-spot and have access to her cl!toris with his hand, her hand or using a s3x toy, such as a small bullet-shaped vibrator to enable the woman achieve an orgasm. 
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