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Man arrested after $400K worth of drugs found stuffed in spoiled goat guts

Nworgu T A

Nov. 28, 2019

It was a unique day at the airport.
For one man, the stench of a jail cell will likely be a welcome upgrade from the putrid odor he's accused of bringing into an Alaska airport the other day.
A bizarre series of events began when state troopers say they searched a large fish box the 71-year-old man had checked for a flight.
They weren't prepared for what they found.
Inside, authorities discovered loosely wrapped frozen meat — which the man allowed them to thaw, according to the Associated Press ...It was all horrifically rotten.
Troopers say they were overcome by the smell.
Sometime during the process, the man told them he was no longer OK with the inspection...They got a search warrant.
Turns out, the mystery meat was a stinking pile of spoiled goat intestines — with about 740 grams of heroin and 389 grams of methamphetamine hidden inside, the AP reports .
Troopers say Cenen Placencia of Kodiak admitted to packing the bag himself but denied knowing anything about the $400,000 worth of illegal drugs. He reportedly told law enforcement he bought the goat intestines from a California rancher for $140 — with the intent to eat them himself.
Instead, he'll be dining on jail food. Placencia was charged with intent to distribute controlled substances.
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